Oraloop 23.1

Oraloop Beta program

Download Oraloop beta release 23.1.1 : oraloop_23.1.1.zip

  • Includes a free trial license with unlimited targets monitoring until 1st November 2023
  • Includes a free perpetual license for 3 targets
Contact us at : support@oraloop.com
filename : oraloop_23.1.1.zip[MD5 Checksum: 73d6110dd566a07a241ec1b1df4082a2]
[SHA256 Checksum: 5d5be87991800e7af8fa0ec69ea523f0aa02ee0f6bca895ad579fd241c9d573c]

Main ORALOOP features

  • Web application front-end in APEX 22.2 highly secure out of the box
  • Agentless PL/SQL engine monitoring from few to thousands of Oracle Databases with minimal resources and footprint
  • Performance dashboards (global, host and database levels)
  • Monitoring of 10g and later non-CDB, multi-tenant (CDB), RAC, dataguard and Exadata databases
  • Connectivity monitoring with ‘limited timeout’ feature
  • 250 monitored built-in metrics
  • Monitoring target groups with configurable sampling and retention
  • Custom metric extension framework (numeric and text)
  • Configurable metrics alerts thresholds
  • Alerts notification framework (mail/API)
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Wait events and time model analysis
  • Top queries including metrics correlation analysis
  • Host level metrics aggregation
  • Real-time monitoring and dashboards (Metrics, Wait events, Top queries)
  • Tablespaces usage monitoring
  • Alert log errors collection and analysis
  • Session browser with blocking sessions analysis
  • Initialization parameters collection and monitoring
  • no Oracle Diagnostics or Tuning Pack license option needed (unless user-defined custom metrics requiring the option(s) are created)

Please check technical requirements in the installation documentation